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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  February 5, 2014 6:00pm-7:01pm PST

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>> rainfalling across the north bay and points south ward and beginning to touch parts of the east bay as well. going to spread into evening and late tonight hours and overnight hours. wettest concentration of rainfall in the north bay. notice what happens between 7:00 p.m and 10:00 p.m . rain spreading into the east bay ask south bay, then, during overnight hours it's intensifying by morning the beginning of rush hour we'll see areas of moderate to heavy rainfall. it's probably going to be a slow commute it's going to be a wet one. i'll let you know how long going to last. >> thank you. now, rain we're about to get will not do much to ease drought but will be a relief to the region known as
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america's salad bowl, salinas valley the worst drought of five categories. abc7 news is live tonight where people are trying to cope. david? >> they're not only trying to cope this is their livelihood this, is where our strawberries and lettuce are grown. crops valued over $2 million. and this week, with the att pro am, celebrities and visitors are being asked to do their share as well. monterey county's 600,000 residents have been conserving water for years. golf courses use recycled water. and visitors will be staying where conservation is a way of live a new generation of urinals don't flush the laundry is shipped out of the county so local water isn't
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used. bathrooms have water saving devices the general manhattan ger of the hotel hopes guests will understand. >> they're not educated with our situation but they respect what we're attempting to do as operators. >> the situation is this. the local water company under orders to reduce drafting of water by 70% by 2017 to save the water shed and fish. with conservation, average residents using 60 gallons per day. compare that to theegs numbers where daily use is 103 gallons in7u san jose. only san francis matches monterey county at 60 gallons per day. monterey peninsula residents may have to cult more down to 35 gallons per day. >> we're hoping that we'll have water projects helping to alive yat that drop. and we're
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requesting the community right now to do everything they can. >> growers are6sqaájn÷ their pa, two reservoirs are low. drip irrigation is now being used for about 60% of the crops. less demand will help prevent sea water intrusion of ground water. >> and later tonight reaction to drought-kreel reel yated ban on fishing in two rivers. >> a former san francisco teacher has been arrested in mountain view arcs kusd of trying to to have sex with a 17-year-old boy. police say he came to a park looking to meet the boy he had been communicating with online. but the boy turned out to be a mountain view police detective. investigators say he exchanged pornographic videos and thought he was:óiç dealing with a io.m >> suspect actually acting what
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he thought was a 17-year-old male. for basically for sex. >> he had been a teacher at academy of arts and sciences in san francisco but7é$ñ resigned september, 2013. the school district says his departure had nothing to do with wrong doing he worked at lowell and lincoln high schools the district says a background check was done prior to hiring him. >> child welfare workers and police are evaluating how they responded to a home in napa where a little girl's bod yes was found over the weekend the 3-year-old kayleigh slush yes, it turns out had been killed several days before. possibly after police made a welfare call on that home. wayne freedman is live with more for us. wayne? >> reporter: that is the big question. the question among police and among child welfare people is did she fall through cracks of the system in this county? the lady that runs child welfare
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in this county wanted to give them details but she was hushed by a judge. >> continuing sadness about the death of the 3-year-old kayleigh slusher, sadness peppered with questions about what they might, or could have done to prevent this >> transparency is important. our community deserves to know what we did, or didn't do. >> this afternoon a judge ruled against allowing linda cannon to provide details only that the department made no errors. >> as far as what we expected as far as harm coming to that child, by no means. but you knew them? >> we knew them. >> in napa this morning police captain described the nature of some of the 14 calls his department made to defendant sarah krueger's apartment since june, 2012. >> property crimes. thefts. vandalism. dissturnances, unwanted persons and things like. that we have not risen to
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the left as far as february 1st. >> all at that one apartment? >> one apartment. >> that is last saturday. police found 3-year-old kayleigh slusher reportedly beaten to death. the defendants sarah krueger and ryan warner admitted to having placed the body in a suitcase and storing it in a freezer three days on january 29th they visited after a report sarah krueger was using drugs and not feeding kayleigh. >> officer dz respond, evaluations was made, there was nothing found at this point the child appeared to be in a safe environment. >> police had no reason to call child welfare wout finding fault, child welfare believe there is room for improvement.
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>> it could be a disservice if we didn't learn from this tragedy. the family plans to have a private service and memorial. a >> police busted a major auto theft ring today. officers from federal agencies descending on the business this morning, and they say the body shop is being used to take apart stolen cars. inside investigators found vehicles, auto parts and boats. 11 people were arrested and seven on warrants. animal control took away two pit bulls. police say they've been planning this raid two months. >> unexpected new twist in a san jose murder case. police dropped a murder charge against one teenager and they're now charging his twin brother with the crime. the 18-year-old has
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been charged with the fatal stabbing of the 22-year-old richard phan. tong's twin had been charged with the murder. >> two more people were hit by victim just seven years old. the boy walking tou told his injuri lifemvu the " her was÷ >> san francisco is one of the most-dangerous cities for pedestrians more than new york city. certainly in the state of california.
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>> there were 21 deaths since 2007. >> we're learning more about that deadly accident in san francisco sunset district yesterday. a 71-year-old was cited on suspicion of misdemeanor manslaughter ask released after police say she truck a man walking on sunset boulevard year yorba street. the victim identified today as a 78-year-old isaac baronson. >> deputies recovered a skeleton from the bottom of a lake since december. this was the scene december 10th. the dive team and a robot spent the day looking for skeletal remain that's a diver reported seeing on the bott bottom. they came up empty twice. they brought in a team today to help and they found it. how and why thei there. >> could april's armed sabotage of a substation in the south bay
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have been a terrorist attack? it happened in the so called metcalfe substation in south san jose. phone lines cut, then, the live in mountain view tonight. a government energy official believes that this was mer than vandalism. right? >> well, you'll recall at the time pg&e said it was vandalism and fbi believes it was not terrorism. but now, the official raise that had question, whatever the case as this interest in the attack raised concerns over vulnerability of our power system. the shooting captured on surveillance video. first a streak of light which may have been from a flashlight followed by rifles and sparks of bullets hitting the chain link fence. former agent rick smith was with antiterrorism unit. >> wasn't just a couple guys
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having a beer, it was some attack that was planned and it looked somewhat professional. it happened april 16th. someone dropped into a underground vault, cutting phoneo:'< cables then, the snipers opened fire on the substation, shooting for 19 minutes more than 100 fingerprint-free shell casings were found. they knocked out 17 transformers that supply power to silicon valley. police arrive asked they were gone. it took pg&e almost a month to bring the substation back. john wellinghoff was chair of the commission when it happened he tells a "wall street journal" attack was the most-significant incident involving the grid that ever occurred in the u.s. but no one claimed responsibility for the sabotage. something that a terrorist would likely do. in taking down a
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power station, without necessarily evoking terror. >> feeling is that this may have been preparation for act of war. >> the electric power research institute says execution is unprecedented. >> they knew what to cut. where to cut it. they knew what equipment to go after. and they also knew how to get out of there before police and fire came. >>w7o[ pg&e declined to18s[ re saying waits still under investigation. >> still ahead here tonight at 6:00 twitter reports to wall street for the first time since expansion >> a hnly dose of rain throughout the bay area. >> and taking you for
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or go to you can also use our website to find loca to find local, in-person help. there's not much time left - open enrollment ends soon. so call 800-890-7561, or go to, and get covered. twitter issued a quarterly earnings report since going public the company never turned a profit but growth projections were not what wall street had in mind. stock fell $11 a share today, a drop of almost 18% in a matter of hours. jonathan? >> wall street wasn't happy and
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the chief executive told investors you need to make twitter a better twitter but twitter is making money. and >> in 2012 twitter moved into street. something else happen that had year. >> he hoped it would bring opportunity to the neighborhood but instead lpdz >> i noticed... harder to get food money. >> inside there is prosperity. you can see workers in hard hats. >> they want to keep growing. you need more personnel for that. >> the writer listened in on the first twitter earnings call since the company went public. he was one of the first users.
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>> pechl i follow were analyzing news and they're the news. without that feed i'd know less. >> twitter has become free speech outlet a platform for celebrities and first lady. >> it's great and that is something nobody else has been able to replicate. >> c net says there is one problem. a dark spot in the earnings report. >> twitter users there are checking in less often. >> executives said they want to make twitter more friendly to beginners you can see some of it. and there are more changes ahead. some say little changed >> what they doing for the neighborhood? you don't see them. where are
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they? >> twitter does serve a lot of food. >> maybe i'll afly for a job. >> three quarters of the users access from their phone. twit jerz they want to make it easier to sign up from here. and hinted at more they want to do with video. >> big day for kids at hayward school today. >> it's just joy on display. students chrissined their new play structure. self esteem and people amazingly structure took just three days to build. and employees from four lowe's stores did work in their free time. nice is that
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>> accuweather, concord east bay, sfo has rainfall. looking live right now, it appears wet there. and so 29 degrees in san francisco. and los gatos and 48 degrees in half moon bachlt a live view right now from our roof top camera looking along embarcadero does not appear to be glistening but there may be wet spots there. it's 46 now in santa rosa. 47 napa. 51 in fairfield. 50 livermore. conk yorked 49 degree asks light
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rain. sfo reports of rainfall at this moment. forecast features rain will spread widely tonight and will be wet for morning commute and no doubt will be a slow morning commute. then another storm coming this weekend. that is expected to be a soaker let's pull back and give you a sat late image of approaching system bringing us a current batch of rainfall. providing rain throughout overnight hours there is a second storm mentioned coming in this evening and heavier storms is so we have a couple doses coming our way. at 7:00 this evening, during overnight hours, we'll see rain spreading all parts of the bay area, 5:00 in the morning will be steady rainfall. pockets of moderate rain in places continuing throughout much of the morning. even at 10:00 in the morning we'll have wide spread rainfall foremost of the bay area. but then, later in the day a break up into pockets of showers, that will last into late night hours tomorrow night.
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and by 10:00 tomorrow night, we expect to see rainfall totals up to and an inch and a quarter up to an inch and a half in parts of the peninsula and south bachlt half an inch and inch in the east bay. now, let's take a look at the sierra. it's snowing, winter weather advisory in effect from 4:00 in'10:00 t. 4 to 10 inches and expect traveú looking at the second storm and rain expecting it to bring from friday into sunday evening there could be 4 to 6 inches of rainfall into mountains. and rainfall. lows into low to mid-40s. and then, tomorrow, under showery conditions highs into 54 to 57. a break friday.
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and partial clearing and clouds thickening and showers arriving late friday continuing through saturday. sunday, showers lingering into monday, tuesday, wednesday, drying out, this is welcome rainfall. >> it's a long time coming. >> yes. >> we invite to you share your pictures with us. you can share them with us on twitter on instagram >> a controversial business decision by a drug store chain decision by a drug store chain >> the[ sports announcer ]onger here's another one, alyson dudek. hales corners, wisconsin. nice pass by alyson dudek. can she hang on to that spot? and she does! [ male announcer ] with the u-verse wireless receiver,
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tb tonight a big pay day at google. former chief executive said hate issues have been awarded $100 million worth of google stock and he's worth $8 billion. walt disney company parent company of abc7 beat expectations. disney has the new movie "frozen" to thank for that profit. coca-cola said it's taken a 10% stake in green
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mountain coffee company. the stock rose 38% on the news >> president oeb yaupa applauding the decision to stop selling all tobacco products at cvs. smokers were the only exceptions. >> really? okay. that is odd. i always go there for my cigarettes. makes me feel enraged. >> first lady tweeting thanks cvs. now, our families can live healthier. the decision will cost cvs about
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year. >> interesting. >> there is more still to come at 6:00. the phillip seymor hoffman investigation and how he spent his final hours >> reaction from two northern california rivers off limits because of the drought. >> we continue to monster live doppler seven hd as a big
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the ba is that millions of people will qualify for financial assistance. it's important to remember that the lower your annual income, the greater financial assistance you will receive. enroll today at broadway paid tribute to a fine actor tonight. lights at theaters along the famous entertainment convenient tu were dimmed for a minute in honor of phillip seymor hoffman. we have more on the investigation into
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the says the autopsy is inconclusive. >> there are 70 bags of heroin found in the apartment. that said to the police there are major dealers selling drugs to him. >> they uncovered 350 envelopes of heroin during the raid. >> one of the people charged had his phone number in his cell phone. >> this is a scene where you help me out. >> his last known contact was with the mother of his children. he would then spotted withdrawing $1200
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transactions >> he was a friend this, is unbelievable. >> hollywood now grieves alongside the family. and funeral arrangements are being made. >> well, new details on what happened last friday aboard a plane justin bieber charted for a flight to the super bowl. saying bieber and his father refused to stop the warning to stop smoking marijuana. the crew put on ox again masks >> customs agents searched the plane and finding no drugs
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>> a signer official tells abc news indicates toothpaste containers could be used to make ex-pleasives. king is openly gay and has been relishing the opportunity to travel to russia dwr wr -- where a law bans propaganda. she'll be joined by a former san francisco giants pitcher. replagues her will be katelin dayhouse. >> a winter storm cut power to more than a million homes and businesses. pennsylvania has had 750,000 outages. parts of new york and new england are getting a foot of snow n new york the
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state sent out 2000 plows and equipment to keep roads clear. the storm forced shut down of interstate 84 from connecticut and pennsylvania. >> supposed to be going to miami and belize now, not going anywhere. >> just had flights capseled. >> my flight is cancelled i'm sick of it and go fog florida. >> in parts of wisconsin officials asked thousands to leave faucets running 24 hours per day in order to prevent water pipes from freezing and breaking. >> house approved emergency water legislation. critics say it does nothing to relieve the drought suspending laws that allows more water to farmers now, facing fierce opposition in the senate. california democrat today said state is facing a 500
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year drought and plans to introduce ledge slie sliegs -- legislation soon. >> the russian river through sonoma county and american river through sacramento county in addition, keep in mind to nearly a dozen other water ways on north and central coasts. fishing was already banned through april, because of low water levels. the goal is to save a a.dult fish right now to protect future of fishing in california. state officials say they're trying to be as proactive as possible during the drought. >> we have to take action as stewards of california wildlife resources to protect our fisheries. fishermen know we're in a situation where fish can't stand anymore pressure. >> i can put my pole away for 2, 3 years.
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>> the closures are the expensive, and they're trying to protect salmon and steelhead. bans scheduled to expire april 30th. >> conserving water can start simply. one easy thing to do turn faucet off that can save two gallons per minute. also taking shorter showers helps each minute saves two and a half gallons. you have no doubt seen these low-flow air raters they're a good investment. installing them can reduce household water usage by about 4%. for more tips visit abc7 also bay area water rebate information link has mer advice on simple steps to take to reduce home water usage. >> stay with us. just ahead at 6:00 bay area start up that is
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for many children, robots are familiar figures thanks to
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games and movies bhou now a start up wants to help teach kids a skill that could change their lives. this is bo. a robot with the mind of a child. maybe some day, your child >> you expose them to things they pick up things faster. >> the co-founder of play eye a start up wants to teach children more than how to play. but how to program them. >> i found research showing a preschooler can grasp programming. >> he is placing it down. >> after first designing the team came up with behavors the key, they say is coming up with a version of computer code younger children could learn, then build upon.
6:41 pm
they're sequenced to play. >> you can see this again. and then to, do that. he says in groups the system worked with children as young as five years old. and kids progress, their move on to more sophisticated coding and popular programming languages like java. the goal to teach a new generation to compete in a februarying technical world >> computer science the rest of the world. >> it's a process they believe they can jump start.
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>> it plans to start shipping this year. >> cute. >> spencer coming up next to update rain storm. >> and children from oakland put their hopes and dreams of the neig
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find your perfect match at and thrive. now a labor of love. a series of murals created by school children that depict a super hero they'd like to see in their own communities. some watched their ideas come to live. >> i'm working on a character here. >> you won't find them on this wall but these are all super heros. they collaborate what a strong community super hero
6:46 pm
would like like. what special powers would be. >> this is the second in a series of murals being painted in a neighborhood that doesn't always see bright colors. >> this middle school 8th grader helped come up with the idea a woman playing a saxophone. >> we create a character with music in it. >> our land shape has impact on how we think and treat each other. >> project is funded mostly through private donations administered through the healing
6:47 pm
connection. >> this is a time to have our young people see themselves as heros. >> there are six mural as proved. in west oakland abc7 news. >> that is so gorgeous >> spectacular job they did. >> rain, finally. >> yes. continuing to spread and some east bay locations getting rain as well. so will be a wet day in the morning. state wide scattered showers in areas her in the bay area, that will be the case in the early morning
6:48 pm
hours. some local down pours by afternoon, looking at breaks of sunshine. scattered showers. and here is the accu-weather forecast. we have a lot more rain coming our way we'll see a brat break in action friday morning but afternoon and evening second storm will push rain into the bay area. saturday will be a very rainy day. but we have extremely almost dangerously dry conditions. so several inches of rain will help. >> abc7 news weather app makes it easy to share pictures with
6:49 pm
us. >> of course, rain arrived. >> yes. >> this often happens there. >> doesn't rain eight months then, celebrities out in force today. so were quarterbacks. aaron rogers and peyton manning on golf is a cure. sports is coming up next.
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good evening, looks like a soggy weekend for pebble beach national pro am. this george lopez is here. you've got
6:53 pm
penny g and andy garcia. romano working on his game starting with the shoes. >> it's a warm up for new shoes they just gave me. >> that is nice >> former cal standout on today's celebrity challenge. one of four playing this weekend. including alex smith and peyton manning right there. >> made a last minute decision. it's a good way, i think to transition. so good seeing him this weekend >> i know i likes to play golf.
6:54 pm
good to see him and tom. i just saw alex, my twin according to people here. it's fun to have them around. >> the guy that became famous with the flying tomato, sean white will not compete some have gotten hurt during practice believing the course is just too dangerous. white still has plans to compete in half pipe. this is national signing day. a big day for stanford.
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nation glasses that carolyn wears around the newsroom. mediocre? no. he's not. and christian mccaffrey, remember the name? and trey watson out of southern california. watson ran more than 3,000 touchdowns. we're intrigued by the guy at the bottom of the screen there. listed profession as simply athlete. yes. san jose
6:56 pm
state with hundreds of thousands celebrating seahawks winning super bowl. estimated 700,000 san jose state possible players now. there is steve carol waving. there is richard sherman. marshon throwing exitels at fans because that is his thing. >> join me tonight at 9:00 new technology that can watch every
6:57 pm
person for miles around. >> then at 11:00 when michael finney goes shopping he's all about staging. his secrets tonight at 11:00 >> that is this edition of abc7 news. thanks for the company. >> from all of us here at abc7 news have a good evening. rit,amr wn
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this is the "jeopardy!" battle of the decades. here are today's former champions from our first decade -- she was a recent college graduate when she won five games in 1992. she now lives in finland where she is a strategic market analyst for a telecommunications company. please welcome... he was an aerospace engineer who had just moved to california when he won the tournament of champions in 1993. today, he's mostly retired, but is still putting satellites into orbit as an aerospace consultant. please welcome... and he had just graduated from law school when he became a five-time "jeopardy!" champion in 1987. in 2012, president obama named him to head the consumer financial protection bureau.
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please welcome... and now here is the host of "jeopardy!" -- alex trebek! thank you, johnny, and welcome, ladies and gentlemen. a degree from m.i.t. was a big help to leszek pawlowicz on yesterday's program in dealing with a category that had to do with science. who will be favored by today's categories? will it be leslie, tom, or richard? good seeing you again. here we go -- jeopardy! round. and these categories. starting off with... of course we do. we want you to name the city as we deal with... notice the "f." alex: richard, you go. "f"ive-letter words for $600.


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